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Firefighting Equipment - Thermal Imaging

TXS Thermal Imager

The Bullard TXSTM Thermal Imager is an imager for every department, delivered at an incredible value. Introducing the most affordable decision making Thermal Imager on the market, providing outstanding image quality in a compact and lightweight 0.75 kg form factor.


Scenecatcher 2

Housed in a rugged Bullard TI handle, this digital video recorder simultaneously captures 5 hours of video and more than 300 still images from a Bullard Thermal Imager. 

Eclipse LDX Thermal Imager

The Eclipse LDX uses infrared engine technology running at an ultra-fast 60 Hertz image update rate and incorporates ICE™ (Image Contrast Enhancement) technology for the ultimate image performance in fire conditions. 


T3X Thermal Imager

Bullard’s T3X is a handheld favorite thermal imager equipped with the latest X Factor engine technology and image processing techniques. 

T4X Thermal Imager

The new T4MAX thermal imager delivers unrivaled performance and image quality on the industry’s largest, brightest viewing display. Equipped with Technology Optimization Package (T.O.P.), offering greatly enhanced engine and display performance integration, the T4MAX is the ultimate choice for fire fighting thermal imaging.



Powerhouse Truck Charger

The Powerhouse truck charger is the perfect home for your Bullard T3 or T4 and EclipseThermal Imager when it’s not in use. Ruggedly durable, the Powerhouse charges two batteries at once and meets NFPA 1901-10-1.7 standards.

Glare Shield

The Glare Shield eliminates glare in daylight operations and can be held at arm’s length or close to the user’s face.

Alkaline Pack

Power your T3 or T4 Series Thermal Imager with ordinary AA batteries. The Alkaline Pack can be used during high- rise or wildland operations or anytime your TI is deprived of the ability to recharge.

Mobile Link Handheld Receiver

The MobileLink is designed for versatility by allowing an incident commander, safety officer or firefighter assistance team to monitor transmitted thermal imaging video while on the move.

ECO-X Thermal Imager

Eco-X is the economical solution for budget constrained departments to put more Bullard Tough thermal imagers in the hands of firefighters.