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Firefighting Apparel - Gloves

Structural Firefighting glove - HSG 7877

Structural NFPA 1971-2018 edition

Kevlar knit fingers, soft and more flexible. Heat resistant and flame retardant. Roll-over seamless fingertips, super mobility Outer shell: Natural goat skin palm and Kevlar back with treated cowhide, durable and soft, low absorption of water, washable, remains soft after washing. Heat resistant and flame retardant, high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance. 

Structural Firefighting glove - HSG 7888

The HySafety structural firefighting glove is specifically designed to withstand the effects of flame, heat, vapour, hazardous liquids, sharp objects and other hazards encountered during structural firefighting operations. 

Wildland Firefighting Glove - 7986

These versatile, premium Wildland firefighting gloves ensure hands are well protected against the rigorous conditions encountered during wildfire operations.  Heat and Flame Resistant premium Gold Eversoft® split cowhide shell construction retains soft characteristics after getting wet and dry; resisting cracking, peeling, and slipperiness when wet.

Rescue & Extrication Glove - 79315

Elasticized turtleneck cuff to keep out glass and debris.  Hi-Vis green stretchable back fabric, highly breathable,  oil & water repellent oil repellency certified AATCC Grade 6.

Mechflex utility rescue glove MX-56

This general-purpose rescue/utility glove provides supple durability through the use of a grain leather palm construction.