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Firefighting Equipment - G-Force Nozzle

G-Force Nozzle Product Information

A new modular concept in water delivery.


Build your own nozzle to suit your departments defensive or attacking options.


  • Articulated inlet option with BIC or NH couplings

  • Swivel inlet standard

  • Stainless steel debris screen standard

  • Large easy grip valve handle. Can be colour-coded


Selection Ring

  • Controlled pulsing mode

  • Selectable flow rates up to 570 litres/min

  • Large aperture flush


Nozzle Tip

  • Shock damper increases durability

  • Vulcanised bumper never comes loose

  • Spinning machined metal teeth on Teflon base

  • Large retro-reflective tactile position indicator

  • Accommodates FoamJet air-aspirating foam attachment


Slide Valve Technology

  • Reduces turbulence when partially opened

  • Six detent control flow

  • Maintains optimum stream quality

  • Limits water hammer


Complies with EN 15182

1.0" G-Force 1.0"BSPF Valve W/Trig

The revolutionary IMPULSETM trigger valve system can now be integrated into many G-Force firefighting nozzles as  an option. The innovative integration of a trigger actuator with TFT’s globally recognized slide style of valve, provides  complete nozzle operator flow control with only a single hand, allowing the other hand to consistently control  stream pattern selection. The trigger controller operates smoothly and easily throughout the nozzle’s rated flow and  pressure range and offers the ability to hold multiple valve positions at the operator’s discretion. The unique  ergonomic pistol grip compliments the trigger valve design and greatly reduces operator fatigue.

G-Force 2.5"BICM Valve W/Grip

Fixed Pressure and Selectable Flow Optimal straight stream and fog pattern performance are achieved at five rated  flows and single rated pressure. Stainless steel spinning fog teeth. 

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