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About Vanguard Fire & Safety

Vanguard fire and safety is a specialist supplier of leading brand equipment in the protective clothing, safety, and fire-fighting equipment industries. With over 30 years of experience, sound client relations, efficiency, excellent product ranges coupled with expert advice, the company has established itself as a leader in its fields of expertise. Vanguard fire and safety has an established distribution footprint both nationally and covering the broader SADAC region where the traditional markets served includes the petrochemical, mining, municipal and general industrial sectors. 


Our Products 

Our extensive product offering covers a broad range of protective apparel, safety equipment and fire-fighting technology. 

With a focus on high quality, most of our products are approved to internationally recognised standards at competitive prices, and we provide an effective after-sales back-up service. Over the years this has enabled us to secure business throughout South Africa and other African countries, either directly or through our distribution network. 

Our leading brands for the emergency services 

  • Task Force Tips (Monitors, branches and related water delivery equipment) 

  • Bullard (Fire helmets & Thermal imaging cameras) 

  • Harvik/Viking (Fire boots) 

  • Lifeliners (Flash Hoods) 

  • SuperVac (Positive pressure ventilators) 

  • Eschbach (Type III Fire Hose) 

  • Sava (Rescue & Hazmat equipment) 

  • TSI (Water pressure & flow meters) 

  • Underwater Kinetics (Personal lighting equipment) 

  • Night Searcher (Personal and scene lighting equipment)


Our leading brands for the safety industry 

  • MCR Safety Crews safety glasses 

  • MCR Safety Memphis gloves 

  • Derekduck Industries (Ultitec Protective Coveralls)

firemen putting out a fire
firemen at work

We supply to a broad range of industries 

The industries that we supply include amongst others, petro-chemical, mining, industrial, forestry, construction, defence and municipal fire departments. 

Our Client Policy 

We pride ourselves in open and regular communications with our customers. We provide excellent after sales back-up service and training at all times. 

Our Supplier Policy 

We place importance on maintaining a strong and open relationship with our suppliers and enthusiastically promote an interactive relationship through regular visits and encourage them to promote and demonstrate their products to the local fire services and safety industries. This process provides for an exchange of industry related information and the latest market developments. 

Mission Statement 

It is the aim of the Directors and employees of Vanguard fire and safety is to work in harmony with one another in a healthy, safe environment in order to best serve our customers. We are committed to providing dependable, quality products at competitive prices and to provide excellent service and after sales back-up at all times. 

We are always aware that the customer’s satisfaction is critical to our success. 

Market Philosophy 

We maintain our competitive edge by being flexible and responsive to customer needs. We strive to assist with technical knowledge and have a hands-on after sales service. Our independence allows us latitude in product supply and development of management policy in tune with market conditions.

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