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Firefighting Equipment - Pressure Meters

TSI Flowmaster 250

Hydrant flow and pressure test instrument – Model 34-2001

Easy and simple to use everywhere. The TSI Flowmaster provides the most reliable and accurate flow and pressure measurements. Invaluable for hydrant testing, pump testing, flushing and water main condition testing. Simply attach, switch on and take flow and pressure readings. Saves time and money.


TSI Digital Flowmaster 250 DL

Portable flow & pressure test instrument with data logger – Model 34-2005

The Flowmaster 250DL measures the flow rate and the pressure at every water drawing off point and produces verifiable reports. All measurements are digitally recorded and can be downloaded to a computer and predefined reports and graphs can be printed.

TSI Flowmaster Transport Case


Transport case with castor wheels and extension handle. Weight 7kg.


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