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Firefighting Equipment - Rescue & Haz-mat

Low-Pressure Lifting Bags 0.5 Bar

Low-pressure lifting bags are used for lifting very large objects. They have special Top Grip pads bonded to the top and bottom of the bag. Top Grip pad offers heavy duty protection from slipping, puncture, abrasion and premature wear. Used for uprighting trucks, rail cars, and other types of vehicles or structures. 


High-Pressure Lifting Bags

High-pressure lifting bags are used for lifting the heaviest loads. High-pressure lifting bags exert maximum force in a concentrated area, making them ideal when lifting rigid structures in tight places. Their unique structure also allows use in load shifting, heavy truck or aircraft recovery and different moving situations. 



Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Inflatable pipe plugs reinforced with Aramid cord are noted for a wide application range. They can be used in different situations, where a pipe needs to be blocked or a bypass made. 

Gully Sealing Set

The storm-drain sealing set is used to quickly seal roadside storm-drains in the event of chemical spill and to keep contaminates out of drainage system. Used as a standard equipment by first response units.

Pipe Plug Kit

The pipe plug kit consists of oil-resistant plugs with electrostatic and spark resistant accessories. It is used by first response units for sealing pipes of different sizes or other round holes in tanks, barrels, etc.

Mini Leak Sealing Bags

Mini leak sealing bags are used for sealing leaks in small tanks and barrels. Simply strap the bag to the container or pipe and inflate to initiate a seal.