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Firefighting Equipment - Foam


The Pro-Pak provides a complete foam storage, injection, and application system. It operates effectively at low pressure and includes three types of nozzles for all foam applications. The units are designed to work with all types of Class A and Class B foams, gels, and wetting agents.



Flow capability of 230, 475, 950 or 1325 l/min. Large, positive detent metering head indicators allow for accurate mixing of Class A at ¼ and ½ %, and AFFF, or AFFF-AR foam concentrates at 1, 3, or 6%. Extra-large pickup hose and stainless steel wand allows use with all types of foams, including the thicker alcohol resistant concentrate. Unique push-button backflush feature allows for easy flushing of foam residue from the inductor. Quick Release Locker Ring allows inductor body to be detached from the metering head for easy storage. Easy to use with gloves.


The exclusive TFT QuadraCup with selectable flow rates of 110, 230, 360 & 470 l/min, is designed specifically for water and foam applications with Class A and AFFF foam in a single nozzle, no attachments necessary, and no need to shut down the hose line. Ideally suited to work with inductors, on-board foam proportioning systems, or even batch mixed foam solutions and can easily move from aspirated foam to a wide protective fog pattern.



The MASTER FOAM is a low-maintenance, self-inducting foam nozzle with superior stream quality and reach. This nozzle is available with your choice of 950, 1300, 2000, or 3000 l/min flow rates. The flow geometry allows induction of 0.5%, 1%, 3%, or 6% concentrations by means of interchangeable orifice plates. Nozzle comes with cam lock fitting concentrate hose for quick and secure attachment to the nozzle.

FoamJet Series

Make your TFT nozzle a high performance foam nozzle with the FOAMJET air-aspirating attachment. It can be easily removed in seconds for a water-only or non-aspirated stream. FOAMJET can be quickly attached to any TFT QUADRAFOG, ULTIMATIC 125,MIDMATIC, MID-FORCE, HANDLINE, DUAL-FORCE, METRO 0, METRO 1, OR METRO 2 series of TFT nozzles. When used with AFFF and Class A foams, the FOAMJET can develop expansion ratios of 6:1.