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Firefighting Equipment - Monitors

Blitzfire Manual

The Blitzfire Portable Monitor with a flow-rate of 2000 l/min is manufactured from lightweight high strength aluminium alloy that has been hard-coat anodized and powder coated for ultimate corrosion protection.


Blitzfire Oscillating

The oscillating version of the Blitzfire features a water driven turbine allowing the nozzle to automatically sweep 10, 15, or 20 degrees either side of centre. The oscillating mechanism can be disengaged and horizontal rotation moved manually.


The Crossfire with its 4500 l/min rated flow in fixed or portable operations, integrates the unique Safe-Tak valve to prevent unintentional movement during operations. The Crossfire includes a lightweight portable base with stainless spring steel folding legs with carbide tips to provide improved stability during operations on all surfaces.




The Tornado is the ideal choice for a manual or remote control monitor for apparatus front bumper applications or industrial fixed system installations. Designed with locking, quick connect fittings for easy removal when servicing apparatus.

Torndao RC 500 GPM

TFT’s TORNADO® RC compact industrial monitor is designed for both fire and industrial applications. This industrial version is certified to ingress protection IP66/67 to limit penetration of dust and moisture into the electronics, ball races and gears. Models are remotely operated and are capable of flowing up to 500 gpm (2000 l/min). Heavy duty seals and O-rings help mitigate contamination in applications like mining and road construction.


The rugged and advanced TFT Hurricane Manual Monitor offers efficient flow performance with full 360 degree rotational movement, and is available with a variety of flanged or threaded inlets.


The Protector series of monitors with full 360 degree rotational movement are ideally suited for high performance fire flows under rugged industrial conditions. 


TFT Monsoon Manual Monitor offers efficient flow performance with only 1bar friction loss, provides full 360 degree rotational movement, and is available with a variety of flanged or threaded inlets.


The EF1 remote controlled monitor is TFT’s most compact monitor, yet has a large 1-1/2” (38mm) waterway and is capable of flowing from 10 gpm (37 l/min) to 200 gpm (757 l/ in). With Bluetooth® controller options, one plug connection, and integrated nozzle shutoff, there are lots of big ideas in this small package.