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Firefighting Equipment - PPV's

Super Vac Nano

Super Vac’s Nano is the perfect, cost effective solution to confined space ventilation challenges. The rugged Nano can be used for either supply air or exhaust ventilation, delivering the highest airflow in its class. 


Super Vac Confined Space Ventilator

Step brake positively locks both wheels into position for uneven and rough terrain. Full roll cage frame design (all working components are inside the roll cage frame). Hammer Tone Powder coat finish for durability. Protects the unit from the rigours of fire-ground abuse, especially the fan shroud. 



Super Vac Smoke Ejector

Amongst the fire/rescue service, the P164 is the most popular unit in the range of the SuperVac smoke ejectors. These include 12, 16, 20 and 24 inch versions along with a petrol powered option, and can be configured for confined-space ventilation in both negative or positive pressure applications.

Super Vac High-Expansion Foam Generator

The HXG accessory adapts to any existing or new Super Vac Smoke Ejector or PPV fan. The HXG delivers a large supply of High Expansion foam and other types of foam forconfined spaces where Firefighting Personnel safety is an issue: HAZ- MAT, basements, ship engines rooms, cargo holding areas and aircraft.



Mega Leak Sealing Kit

The mega leak sealing kit is designed for leak containment in the petroleum, chemical and LNG (liquid natural gas) industries. Deploy the kit at chemical processing plants, oil refineries, LNG plant trains, regasification terminals, exploration and drilling platforms, ocean transport vessels, railways and pipeline transport facilities.

  • Non-corrosive design

  • Self-contained kit

  • Sealed waterproof case

  • All-in-one solution