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Sole distributor of leading international brands of fire-fighting equipment and specialised industrial safety products

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Firefighting  Apparel

Vanguard Fire & Safety is the largest supplier of firefighting  apparel in South Africa.

Firefighter Spraying Hose

Firefighting  Equipment

Vanguard Fire & Safety is the largest supplier of firefighting equipment in South Africa.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We only supply products that we know and trust. We are certain that you’ll be satisfied with your products.

Top Quality Products

The products we sell meet the highest safety and quality standards. You can trust them to go into the heat of battle with you.

Sound Advice

We know our stuff. We can advise you on the right products to suit your needs.

Fire equipment

Firefighting Apparel & Equipment

As a responsible supplier of globally successful brands, we are committed to supplying products that are approved to internationally recognized standards.


Whenever relevant, our products are NFPA APPROVED, the standard recognized as the toughest of them all.

Fire & Safety Industry Leaders

We are committed to the supply of premium quality products to the fire and emergency services related market and industrial safety segment.

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